La Boheme & Piano Collection Topped with Cherries

Maison Artinian is showcasing Elizabeth Romhild’s Piano Collection this September. Presenting with an elegant composition of fanciful monochrome arrangements for homebound luxury. The designs are bespoke by the forever romantic artist, highlighting an emphasis for domestic affluence, in this case at its finest, whether considered as a gift or a personal collectible for the one-off dinner impression.


The Piano Collection porcelain line and the La Boheme jewelry collection are paired with an equal clue and inspiration.


The poetic strings henceforth, the midnight romance and the timeless tunes of the piano, are recited with ripe Red Cherries (do you like red cherries? have them regularly! they’re good for your health), adding seduction to the presentation. Undeniably, given with the benefit of good workmanship and durability, the Piano Collection is intricate, and adoringly personal.


With decades of creative success with her color and brush experiments, Elizabeth Romhild comes with the fine porcelain that pampers your Vanilla ice cream scoop in the plate and lets your double Chocolate fudge boast it’s full decadent glory. So much for dessert lovers… The Piano collection can be used as a set or can be used partially in its own versatile way, as a singular element in any gourmet setup, all depending on the individual suavity of the la femme au foyer; the lover herself.