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Great trees for charity

“The Three Wise Men and the Star of Bethlehem” is a celebration of the elaborate mosaics, coming together as a cross cultural fusion tree, expressing the essence of the Silk Road, with Arabesque, Safari and Chinese motives, and the Siamese as a pyramid. Each standing alone as a mosaic sculpture, yet also together expressing the festive season!

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Beoplay A9 Cover Launch Event

Bang & Olufsen and artist Elizabeth Romhild. The ambition of this collaboration is to present an advance mood changing of our BeoPlay A9 that will uniquely offer a fancy atmosphere to your room.

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Well-known artist and Bangkok resident Elizabeth Romhild’s charismatic and joyful personality can be found in her work, which focuses on the female form, love, playfulness, vibrancy, and inner beauty. In this interview with Elizabeth, learn about her journey as an artist and check out her new line of porcelain featuring her signature, sensual artwork. Read more

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