Canapé La Boheme VI
Canapé La Boheme VI

Elizabeth Romhild Design

Canapé La Boheme VI

$ 60.00
Various designs of Canapé Plates in multi colours with gold and silver metallic details, each telling their own alluring story of Joy de Vivre, including beautiful packaging
Canapé Plates
1 Pcs
Dimensions: 17 cm
“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” -Marcus Aurelius
Let me tell you about The Alligator Pear. Oh boy is he good too. He doesn’t walk or talk but is fervent about pleasing. And his dress can be decadent or plain, it is a matter of personal feasting. He has a tendency to grow in warm moist areas, but is neither animal, reptile nor amphibian! He comes in only 1 color, but varies according to meridian. He is round but long, skinny but fat and even has a seed on the inside of his hat. Do you know the Alligator pear, for he is found everywhere? More than likely he hides in the grocery all dressed in green. When you find him fully preened, please call him by his formal name, his fame, his motto, the Avocado.
“The Alligator Pear” by Randi L. Levin