La Boheme Design - Dinner Plate
La Boheme Design - Dinner Plate
La Boheme Design - Dinner Plate
La Boheme Design - Dinner Plate

Elizabeth Romhild Design

La Boheme Design - Dinner Plate

$ 60.00
Dinner Plate in white with entire outlines in real platinum, including beautiful packaging
Dimension ø 27 cm

Let the plate add the creative finishing touch to your dinner, with Elizabeth’s Joy de Vivre figures all inspired from Elizabeth’s paintings "La Boheme" and "Dans le Chambre" coming together as a feast.  Eclectic yet classic with a playful bohemian twist

"If you really want to make a friend , go to someone’s house and eat with him...the people who give you their food give you their heart." — Cesar Chavez
We all have our favourite flavours, be it what you will
Add some stock or a can of soup, anything but chilled
Pick a pack from the shelf,
A clove of garlic,
All good for your health
A side scoop of fresh mash, potatoes mixed with butter
Bought from the farmer down the road, Mr Smith with the tedious stutter
Straight to bakery for some bread, to soak up that lovely mix
All the ingredients clumped together, every box it does tick
Served with a feeling of a homemade dish, pretty simple when you know how
Delicious and tender and a joy to eat, especially that winter has come now
It warms you up, puts a glow to your cheeks, feels good and livens the soul
Now dunk that bread and sip that wine,

Delicious with Casserole By John J. Bartholomew