La boheme Design - Full Dinner Set

Elizabeth Romhild Design

La boheme Design - Full Dinner Set

$ 1,572.00
Full set of show plate, dinner plates, soup/pasta plates, desert/starter plates and coffee/tea cups in combined multi colour and white with outline in real platinum and real gold details.

Including beautiful packaging for each item. Free shipping worldwide.

1 pcs Show Plate
6 pcs Dinner Plates
6 pcs Soup/Pasta Plates
6 pcs Dessert/Starter Plates
6 pcs Coffee/Tea Cups

Make every meal special, with Elizabeth’s Joy de Vivre figures all inspired from Elizabeth’s paintings "La Boheme" and "Dans le Chambre" coming together as a feast

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." ― Virginia Woolf

Our dining room
Is more than just a room?
Where we gather around to sit
And presence to submit
Our dining table round
Makes us more and more bound
Where each has his own seat
While we sit for meals to eat
We all wait one another
Respect and care for one another
It’s more than a table we use to dine
Or to share toasts and sip some wine
Around the table we gather face to face
A family joined with love so grace
Our eyes hug and embrace
And all our worries there we place
There we discuss and tell
No one goes to impel
We just throw out what’s in our deep
And then off the table we sweep
With lavish dinner and scrumptious dessert

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Relief waits for the dining table asserts
Where we come for a gathering
Where onward our problems we bring
with the touch of mother’s magical hands
And sweet parents that understand
Our dining table is more than a table made of wood
Where we sit around to share some food
But a table where we sit to enjoy
The love of a family bonded with joy

“Our dinning table” by Bedros Hindoyian