La Boheme Design – Show Plate/Charger Plate
La Boheme Design – Show Plate/Charger Plate
La Boheme Design – Show Plate/Charger Plate
La Boheme Design – Show Plate/Charger Plate

Elizabeth Romhild Design

La Boheme Design – Show Plate/Charger Plate

$ 132.00
Show Plate/Charger Plate in multi colours with design outline in real platinum and  heart in real gold, Including beautiful packaging.
Dimension ø 31 cm

 The Joy de Vivre figures are inspired from Elizabeth’s painting "Dans le Chambre"  Use as a beautiful display show plate, as a charger plate at your dinner table, or simply impress your dinner guests by using them as a dessert plate
Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” -Wassily Kandinsky

I speak of a time
That less than twenty years
Can not know
Montmartre that time
Hung his lilac
Just below our windows
And so the humble garni
That was our nest
Do not pay for mine
It is there that we knew
Me crying famine
And you who posed nude

Bohemia, bohemian
That meant we were happy
Bohemia, bohemian
We only ate one every other day

In the neighboring
We had some
Who awaited glory
And although poor
With an empty stomach
We never ceased to believe
And if a bistro
Against a warm meal
We took a canvas
We recite verses
Grouped around the stove
Forgetting the winter
…. Text continuation

Bohemia, bohemian
It meant you were pretty
Bohemia, bohemian
And we all had spirit

Often it happened to me
In front of my easel
Of sleepless nights
Touching up the design
The line of a breast
The curve of a hip
And it was not until morning
We finally sat
Over coffee-cream
Exhausted but happy
Was it that we love each other
And we love life

Bohemia, bohemian
That meant that we were twenty years
Bohemia, bohemian
And we lived the zeitgeist

When random days
I'm going for a ride
In my previous address
I no longer recognize
Neither the walls nor the streets
Who saw my youth
At the top of a staircase
I am looking for the workshop
Of which nothing remains
In its new setting
Montmartre seems sad
And the lilacs are dead

Bohemia, bohemian
We were young, we were crazy
Bohemia, bohemian
That does not mean anything at all

La bohème - Charles Aznavour