Piano Design - Canapé Plate
Piano Design - Canapé Plate

Elizabeth Romhild Design

Piano Design - Canapé Plate

$ 60.00
Canapé Plate in black and white with outline in metallic silver, including beautiful packaging
Dimension ø 17 cm

The perfect multi purpose plate with friends and Elizabeth’s signature whimsy piano keyboards.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” - Hans Christian Andersen

“Black and white is salt and pepper of colours, for life tastes bland without them.”
- Vikrmn, Corpkshetra
Tell me life is black and white
That there's a wrong and there's a right
Where good men never rot in graves
And villains always change their ways

Show me that there is some cause
Some just material from cosmic laws
Descending from determined hands
That there really was a master plan

So I tie my mouth around a stone
And sit with ease of caged angels
Looking patient with strong virtue
While wishing vengeance with a cudgel  

A person's truth is another's crime
Our best relations come through lies
Were locked behind doors with holes
Peering through imagined glances  

One day you wake and feel the same
While realizing there's been a change
You look inside the mirror and see
The stranger you thought you'd never be

It seems to me the spring is shorter
That geraniums laughter is getting older
The suns riptide pours from the clouds
Pink and orange bloom in their shrouds  

Now I know the world is grey
….  Poem continuation

That love begins and ends in pain
There is no secret grand design
Accept the one you live behind –  Kevin Patrick