Elizabeth Romhild Design

A design company with distinct individuality and creativity, Elizabeth Romhild Design presents eclectic art portrayed on designer products. Elizabeth Romhild Design focuses on a range of lifestyle products from tableware to fine jewelry.

“My brand is my inner self, reflecting my eclectic life in different countries and cultures I have experienced and lived in. High quality products, art of craftsmanship, making a statement and at the same time usability and always recognizable Elizabeth Romhild”.




“Women and sensuality, magnetically attractive and open to Joy de Vivre, energizing music, feasts and colors, the mystique of the mask, are all my source of inspiration”



I like my design to leave room for discussions and interpretations, yet having a fun and appealing appearance. Luxury elegance in a casual lifestyle.  


Designer's Journey

At the age of 26, Danish/Armenian artist began painting realistic portraits, later moving on to seascapes and landscapes. Romhild's artwork has travelled through many phases on a continuous road of self development and discovery.  Gradually her art became bolder and more simplified in her portrayals of the female subject both in the two-dimensional form of her painting and the three-dimensional forms of her bronze sculptures.  

Energized by her wide-ranging and international experiences and her artistic endeavors, Romhild has been offering the art world a constantly evolving and fascinating body of work that reflects who she is as an artist and as a person.  

Now Romhild’s artistic journey has come full circle, returning from her quest for finding artistic fulfillment in the world beyond to searching within her own heart for answers to the cosmic mystery.

Throughout her long artistic career, Romhild has continued to defy her boundaries with an ever expanding range of work that reflects her quest to deeper self discovery. 

Romhild has lived and worked in Bangkok, Thailand since 1988.  Her artwork is part of private collections in several countries around the world including Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, US.