As Eye Am, 2013

Romhild’s new collection explores the ineffable moods and expressions of the feminine gaze. For the most part framing just the eyes, nose and lips, the artist took on an enormous challenge by seeking to express emotions, thoughts and feelings through subtle variance in colour, tone, ambient light, texture and angling of the subject. Most moving of all is the rendering of light in the eyes, the reflections looking back at us and divulging interior lives that feel real, a set of souls who we feel really do exist in time and space. 

Using only brushes and a painter’s knife, Romhild has worked the images into a carnival of hue and line, juxtaposing geometric shapes and an extensive tonal palette to produce images that both seduce and alarm. 

By turns sensuous and sultry, then envious and mistrustful, the eyes encompass an inventory of untold stories, frozen in moments that, were they not preserved in oil colour for posterity, might never have been noticed in the first place. Although often alluring, “these painting are not about beauty,” Romhild assures us. And despite Romhild’s own striking visage, “they’re not self portraits. There may be something of me inside some of them, because I know what it is to be a woman. I understand the feelings of a woman. But these are other lives, not mine.”

Joe Cummings

Author and art historian based in Bangkok

View a taste of the "As Eye Am" painting collection below

100 x 120 cm
Oil on canvas
80 x 100
Oil on canvas

"Eye Catching"

130 x 150 m

Oil on canvas


80 x 100 cm

Oil on canvas

"Untold Stories"

130 x 110 cm

Ol on canvas