Impromptu Design - Canapé Plate II
Impromptu Design - Canapé Plate II

Elizabeth Romhild Design

Impromptu Design - Canapé Plate II

$ 60.00
Pastel coloured Canapé Plate in metallic colours in cheerful design, including beautiful packaging
Dimension ø 17 cm

Use it for Tapas, sweets or simply home decor with Elizabeth’s passionate Impromptu players

“Who needs to be a Phoenix for rebirth? One simply requires themselves and an instrument to clean the slate and start over, perhaps create their own world where everything is better..”
― The Baka Violinist

I have a smorgasbord mind,
My brain seldom dines on any one thing.
I can snack on thoughts of most every kind,
On whatever exotic thoughts the server may bring.

It’s a wonder all the thoughts that I find
Can nourished my excessively overactive brain,
But the variety of thoughts in my smorgasbord mind
Are what’s keeping me alive, and more or less sane.

So, be my guest, and dine at my table. I hope
That you enjoy eating the smorgasbord poetic meal I’ve
Prepared for you, as much I enjoyed preparing the meal.

My Smorgasbord Mind- By  D. B. Clark