Canapé La Boheme II
Canapé La Boheme II

Elizabeth Romhild Design

Canapé La Boheme II

$ 60.00
Canapé La Boheme II
Canapé Plates in multi colours with gold and silver metallic details, each telling their own alluring story of Joy de Vivre, Elizabeth’s signature sensual figures, including beautiful packaging
Canapé Plates
1 Pcs
Dimensions: 17 cm
Use the plates for sweets or as side plates for bread, for a unique accent on your table setting
“It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all” by Laura Ingalls Wilder

They have this sweet little tune
I look out the window and see it's already noon,
I start to realize that surprisingly, it already June.
I look up at the moon,
The night so far having a bit of gloom.
But then I realize it has the same shape,
Like that of a macaroon.
Soft, creamy, and dreamy inside,
When I bite into it it's like nothing I can hide.
But when it's time to go, away from home
I am left with nothing else to say but Goodbye
Macarons - by Chara Chan