La Boheme Design - Thermo Mug
La Boheme Design - Thermo Mug

Elizabeth Romhild Design

La Boheme Design - Thermo Mug

$ 50.00
Thermo mug in white with outline in metallic silver, usable for hot and cold beverages, including beautiful packaging
Dimension 280 cc

Enjoy your hot or cold beverage with one of Elizabeth’s signature figures from the collection. The mugs can also be used to keep your pens and pencils on your desk or in your bathroom as a toothbrush mug  

And just like coffee.
Let your aroma tingle and stimulate the smiles of those around.
The best source of touch
Without cream or sugar.
Stir the organic presentation that brings the next minute that much closer.
Whether the preference is a mug or a styrofoam cup.
At the end of the day.
Coffee fits into any size container
And brings to life any size smile.
With one quick sip
The senses awake to a new day.
Swirled in unspoken travel sized rule.
It follows,
The beautiful ovation that rushes once poured.
Beautifully represented by your smile.
The tone of your skin.
Your hair naturally at ease.
Stirred by a finger.
Specialism by the majority nodding away,
Yet awaken by your essence.
Soon extracted and brought to life.
Swirling beyond content.
And just like coffee,
I look forward to a cup of you

By Kewayne Wadley